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Friday, August 18, 2006

Senior Life Over 50 - New Menu

Senior Life Over 50 have been listening to emails regarding their Website menu system, or lack of it, and have made it more visible. Seniors should now be able to navigate easily through the website without the need for constant squinting...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Life Over 50 Home Of The Silver Surfer & 50 Plus Community

Life Over 50 is a new website dedicated to the 50 Plus community. This great site is an information portal where anyone 50 something and older chan share their experiences, chat online and read articles that relate to anything senior living. Why not take a look, you never know you may make new friends with similar interests to you...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Search Engine Optimization Articles & Tips - The Importance Of The Page Title

Search Engine Optimization Articles & Tips - The Importance Of The Page Title: "SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the holly grail of ranking high in search engines. This often neglected technique is vital if your goal is to drive traffic to your Website and ultimately produce more sales. After all, you may have a superb homepage but what's the point if nobody knows it exists?

So how do you optimize your website so that in ranks highly in search engines like Google and MSN?
Well in this article I will talk about the importance of optimizing your page title with keywords that you think your target audience will search for. Most Search Engine Optimization gurus agree that one of the most important things you can do to achieve higher Search Engine placement is to optimize your page title. A common mistake here is to use your company name. Whilst this is fine if you�re a multinational firm that everyone recognises and therefore will search for,It's not so good if you're a smaller fish with limited exposure. Therefore, it's not advisable to waste title space with your company name.

A great free tool to use to find niche keywords for your page title is Good Keywords, click here to download your copy. Using this tool you'll be able to see how many times a specific phrase was been searched for through various Search Engines. Ideally you need to choose about three popular phrases for your page title. Don't just choose the top three as competition from other Websites will be fierce. Instead, choose phrasess that are not as popular, but will still generate traffic to your Website. This way there will be less competition and it will be easier to rank higher in Search Engines.

Ok, let's assume our website is coincidently all about SEO, simply type Search Engine Optimization into the base keyword field within Good Keywords and after a few seconds the results are displayed on the right. Notice how the keyword phrase Search Engine Optimization is ranked number 1. Therefore, this would be a bad choice as there would obviously be a lot of competition. Instead, look further down the list and you’ll find keyword phrases like:

Web Site Search Optimization
Web Search Optimization
Search Engine Optimization Articles
Search Engine Optimization Tips

Whilst these keyword phrases have fewer hits you are much more likely to rank higher in Search Engines using them as competition for these keywords isn’t as fierce. Great, now we have chosen our keywords the next thing we need to do is organize them into a page title. Now we could just list them next to each other, but that would be pointless as there are a lot of duplicated words. It would be far better to optimize them into something more readable, yet at the same time maximize all possible Search Engine results. How about this:

Web Site Search Engine Optimization Articles & Tips

Notice how all the keywords above have been optimized? Effectively this means our site has a good chance of being shown in Search Engine results when any combination of these keywords are searched for.

This is just one step you can take to rank higher in Search Engines. However, you will need to put into practice other SEO techniques that I’ll cover in later issues to fully benefit from Search Engine Optimization.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

The First Post!

As this is the first post I guess I should write something profound and interesting. Errrrr, nope, can't think of anything just yet. Seriously though, I hope to use this Blog to display hints and tips relating to anything eBay, SEO, or eBook related.

In the meantime however checkout our

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